The Gap

Between the generations is not just a gap of age or culture – there is also a gap of ‘unknowing’.
In a church setting, we want the youngers  to ‘get the vision’ and do the stuff, but we seem to hope that they will get it by osmosis. We leave a gap.


But we are so busy that we don’t see it, we think the ‘way’ must be obvious, after all we wrote it all down! We forget, we had/found faith for the things we dreamed (and if we didn’t, we gave them up), and doing those things has made us busy, busy, busy – blinkered.
And if we don’t help the following generations, they will experience ‘the gap’ from the other end… and they will start to dream their own dreams and find faith for their own priorities and hopes. At least, they will if they are worth their salt.
So if you want a church, a movement to go beyond one generation you have to either spend lots of time growing the youngers (that’s presuming that you feel you must make them sleep, eat, think, dream like you, which is a very doubtful premise!), or you take your hands off the rudder and let them put their hands on, trusting them to find the way.
And that way may be different from your way – and maybe thank God if it is!


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