23 Things – The ‘good old days’

So I am ‘older’ generation (60 this year) and have come to the internet as one of those ‘careful’, older users – in contrast to the ‘click-happy’ kids of today who seem to see the internet as a vast field of exploration just made for them. I use W…

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Thing 3 – Peeturr?

Odd name? It has a reason, a rationale behind it which is a bit to do with IT, and a bit more to do with my life. When I was 19 (or so) I met Denise. She was tanned, lovely, lively and from California. That was back in the seventies when transatla…

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Thing 3

Two of the oldest guys I know – Ted (left) is sadly in a home now, unable to do much at all. John (right) has just moved to an old folks home, but seems really stimulated by the company. Both are in their nineties. What change these guys have seen…

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