New…old.Seems to me there are many things in life where you need to hold on to the ‘old’ but keep on making it new. Marriage is a good example – if it’s to last, you have to hold on to its basis, be faithful to the ‘old knot’ you tied. But if yo…

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For Sara

Many would say each day Brings toil and pain, As life sets out To slap you down again. But I say, “Look, Each day is new! A golden vein of healing Runs right through Those who leave behind All last year’s mess, Last month’s trial, Yesterday’s dist…

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Deciding to try again… why do I lose the ‘creative plot’?… cos busy-ness takes over and head space shrinks to very small. I must make space, cos I am all the better for it, for releasing some thought, some creativity. This is the bluebell wood…

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